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A new Customs Scanner for the Cayman Islands

A new Customs Scanner for the Cayman Islands

The process was put in place in 2010 for interested parties to lodge bids to provide a Mobile X-Ray Cargo Vehicle

The Invitation to Bid process can be perused here

The mobile, Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems (NIIS) scanner inspects a stationary container during the demonstration

In an attempt to fight crime and increase border security the Cayman Islands Government has spent more than ten percent of its entire budget on new equipment which includes the above mobile Customs Scanner costing around $3 million.

HM Customs new vehicle is a  Heimann Cargo Vision Mobile (HCVM) x-ray inspection system, which should enable complete scrutiny of containers entering and leaving Cayman. This vehicle has been anticipated for several years. Also the vehicle should be able to carry out non-intrusive checks of cars and small watercraft.

The large, mobile cargo scanner uses a colour-coded system to distinguish between organic and inorganic materials.

Before the state of the art scanner was purchased Customs Officers had to inspect containers manually after carrying out random checks, which meant many units came and went without ever being inspected. It was noted that several seizures of weapons had been found in containers secreted inside toys and household appliances.  The Cayman Islands Government felt that it was clear that gun smugglers were using the port as one of their means of smuggling in weapons and other illegal contraband.

It is hoped that the new system will clamp down on drug smuggling and guns. In addition it should also improve the revenue collection by enabling officers to check every container against what has been declared on its manifest.

Local police are hopeful that this new piece of equipment will enable Customs to directly assist the RCIPS in is fight against gun crime..